Holiday Cards 2016

Eight images for Quartz: Holiday cards you'd send your family if you could be honest about 2016. Go here for full post.


Game board for Psychology Today

The February 2016 issue of Psychology Today features an article on “badass biologist” Robert Trivers.  For the opening spread, Creative Director Ed Levine thought it would be fun to portray Triver’s remarkable but volatile life, as a game of Chutes and Ladders. There was plenty of back and forth on this job, since the chronology of the images had to mesh with the surrounding text.  To give the the final image an authentic look, I added a patina of a printed board (detail below) . . .

The Fearless Nat Love

I was pleased to do this illustration for Narratively, for their article on Nat Love, the emblematic African-American cowboy of the late nineteenth century.  I had not known– prior to reading the article– that nearly a third of the Old West cowboys were black, many being former slaves who found work in the booming cattle markets. Virtually all of what is known of Nat Love is derived from his autobiography (which you can find online), but  this  article, by Ben Nadler, is a good introduction to the man’s life.

Work for a special cause

Here's a sampling of illustrations I did for Northern Indiana Therapies, used as educational material, intended for adults with developmental disabilities . . .